Land Registry Map

This image from the Land Registry shows the extent of the land purchased in Cressbrook Dale.

Land Registry Plus OS

This image shows how the Land Registry records map onto the Ordnance Survey. This gives you a very good impression of just how much land is involved. 72 acres altogether. Note also how a lot of the land is actually distributed within the village itself. It includes land that people in the village have been gardening for decades.

Access Land

This map shows the location of Access Land within the parcel concerned. It covers most of the top meadow where the lead ore from the Cressbrook Dale lead mines was processed. The public are free to walk on this land and appreciate the wild flowers that now grow there.

National Nature Reserve

This diagram shows the land in relation to Cressbrook Dale National Nature Reserve and SSSI. The important point here is that nature is not neat and discrete in the way that legal boundaries need to be. The ecology of the Nature Reserve is directly impacted by the ecology of the land around it. This is represented by the purple lines, which are the risk assessment zones that Natural England need to take into consideration when land use changes near Nature Reserves. The affected land is covered by risk assessment zones.