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In The Press 

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Our Press Release following the issue of the Enforcement Notice on the owners of the land in Cressbrook Dale


Cressbrook, Derbyshire: The Peak District National Park Authority (PDNPA) has issued a planning enforcement notice on the owners of land known as Litton Frith Farm in Cressbrook Dale in the Peak District in Derbyshire. Rachel Elnaugh, Angela Spink, Keith Parker -- the trustees of the Cressbrook Dale Private Members’ Association, and Nicholas Bache Barlow Davie-Thornhill of Stanton Estate, are named in the notice.

The enforcement notice requires that engineering works and developments which have been carried out on this sensitive piece of land are removed and the land reinstated. The land is designated by PDNPA as a Natural Zone, the highest category of conservation protection.

Areas that need to be removed and reinstated include a parking area, steps which had been installed, removal of a tipi and a path.

The notice says: “…the public has a ‘right to roam’ across the land on foot. The developments fail to respect or enhance the character of their surroundings and have a significant harmful effect on the character and appearance of the landscape.”

Residents from Cressbrook, Ravensdale and surrounding villages have been campaigning to protect the land and welcomed the enforcement notice.

John Butler, Chair of the community group that has been leading on the Save Cressbrook Dale campaign says: “This is a very welcome development in our campaign. We’ve been working hard to raise awareness and ensure that this area of ancient woodland and delicately balanced environment – as noted in the enforcement notice an important Natural Zone -- is protected and remains accessible to everyone. We hope that this enforcement notice will ensure that the land is restored and that further development does not take place.” 

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